Tissue Viability: Pressure Injuries

by Altura Learning
$ 29.95 AUD

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Course Description:

Pressure injuries can happen to anyone but usually affect individuals with limited mobility where confined to a bed, chair or wheelchair. In this course you will learn how to define and describe types of pressure injuries, how they develop and are treated and, most importantly, how you can play a role in preventing them.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the types of pressure injuries and how they occur.
  • Explain methods used to assess the risk of a person developing pressure injuries
  • Discuss the interventions for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries

Who is this course appropriate for:

This course is appropriate for Care Staff.

Continuing Professional Development Hours:

Up to 8 hours can be earned completing this course.

You can earn 1 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hour by completing the video and assessment questions. If you wish to extend your learning and earn up to an additional 7 CPD hours, you may download the extension exercise which is attached to this course.

View the trailer below to preview the course:

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