How do I complete a course?

Completing a course is really easy! Just work through each slide and when you've finished, click on the green arrow button at the bottom. 

What is the best device to complete a course on?

Our courses are run on our Bridge platform which works on a desktop computer, laptop or notebook, tablet or phone, so the choice is completely up to you.

If I need help, who can I contact?

Please see our Contact Us page for our help details.

I'm worried I will use too much data up watching the courses?

Our video player allows you to change the resolution of the video in case you're concerned about using too much data. Just select the lowest resolution.

Will I gain Continuing Professional Development hours (CPD) by completing your courses?

Yes, all our courses can be used towards your CPD hours. For every single course you complete, you can earn up to 8 hours depending on what exercises you choose to do. For more information on CPD, please see our CPD information page.

When do I receive a certificate?

When you complete the course online you are able to access your certificate via your learning library in the picture below. You will only receive a certificate after successful completion of the online course.

If you choose to complete the self reflection extension exercise, you will not receive a certificate from Altura Learning. You should keep the completed exercise in case you are audited and record the completion in your CPD portfolio.

Can I stop the video or go back to previous slides?

At any point you can go back through the video or the slides by clicking the back button (as per illustration below) to review the information presented. 

Back button

Please see 'Features of our Video Player' below for more information on using the video player.

How can I optimise my learning? 

We all learn differently. Some people prefer to watch the video and then answer the questions. Other people will prefer to stop the video regularly to take notes. The benefit of using Altura Learning's approach to learning is that you can learn at your own pace, using what works for you.

I have hearing impairment, do you have closed captioning on your video's?

Yes, most of our courses come with closed captioning which is indicated with this symbol on the purchase page. 

I've noticed some courses are made by ACC or the Aged Care Channel?

In 2018 we rebranded to Altura Learning from the Aged Care Channel (ACC). Videos made before that time will have the ACC logo on it, but you can be assured that it is the same quality and standard as our Altura Learning courses.