Medication Management: Use of Syringe Drivers

by Altura Learning
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Course Description:

To reinforce for staff the importance of understanding how to use an infusion device including the management principles, monitoring requirements, safety issues and trouble-shooting strategies.

Learning Outcomes:

After viewing this course you should be able to:

  • Identify the regulatory standards relating to syringe drivers
  • Discuss syringe driver management principles, site selection, medications and the use of diluents
  • Demonstrate how to set up the syringe driver and commence the infusion
  • Know how to monitor the use of a syringe driver and implement trouble-shooting strategies

    Who is this course appropriate for:

    This course is appropriate for senior care staff and registered nurses.

    Continuing Professional Development Hours:

    Up to 8 hours can be earned completing this course.

    You can earn 1 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hour by completing the video and assessment questions. If you wish to extend your learning and earn up to an additional 7 CPD hours, you may download the extension exercise which is attached to this course.

    View the trailer below to preview the course:

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