Maggie Beer Foundation - Module 4: Feed the Eyes - Food Presentation

by Altura Learning
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Course Description: 

Featuring Maggie Beer with:

  • Amanda Orchard - Chef, Maggie Beer Foundation

Food presentation is an essential aspect of meal enjoyment.

From the colours, contrasts and textures to how the ingredients have been arranged on the plate - a person’s first impression of a meal will have a huge impact on the amount of food they consume and whether they enjoy the experience of eating it.

Food presentation skills enable staff to plate and present any meal in the most appealing and appetising way possible. It is important to present every meal beautifully throughout the day and to make an extra effort to lift the presentation of texture modified meals.

In serving meals that feed the eye as well as all the senses you will be boosting meal satisfaction, increasing food consumption and nutrition intake, resulting in happier and healthier residents.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain why food presentation for sensory engagement is so important
  • Demonstrate ways to present meals simply and effectively
  • Demonstrate ways to present texture modified meals
  • Describe how garnishes can be used to enhance visual appeal and flavour.

    Who is this course appropriate for:

    This module is suitable for cooks, chefs and kitchen staff working in aged care.

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