Maggie Beer Foundation - Module 2: Cooking Techniques with Impact

by Altura Learning
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Course Description: 

Featuring Maggie Beer with:

  • Simon Bryant - Chef

All dishes can really shine when prepared with the right cooking technique, especially with those cheaper cuts of meat. You can bring out the hidden charms of different foods when you know how to best cook them, maximising the flavour, aroma, texture and mouthfeel for your diners.

It’s also important to know that different ingredients lend themselves to a wide variety of different cooking applications. Understanding how and when to apply these is essential knowledge and will also ensure that your ingredients retain maximum nutritional value.

Creating wonderful aromas is vital to the enjoyment of food and we will discuss how you can bring those aromas right into the dining rooms for your residents

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Define common cooking techniques
  • Explain why we use different cooking techniques
  • Identify which cooking methods are most suitable for different meats and vegetables
  • Demonstrate how to cook secondary cuts of meat to maximise flavour and texture
  • Describe techniques that can bring aromas into the dining room

    Who is this course appropriate for:

    This module is suitable for cooks, chefs and kitchen staff working in aged care.

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