Dysphagia and Texture Modified Foods: IDDSI Framework Implementation

by Altura Learning
$ 75.00 AUD

Course Description: 

The course will provide you with a broad understanding of Dysphagia and the physiology of the condition; the importance of maintaining sufficient nutrition in clients with Dysphagia; and how to categorise and test your texture modified food and drinks according to the IDDSI Framework.

 The course includes 2 videos from the Altura Learning catalogue:

  • ‘Dysphagia: Awareness and Support of Swallowing Difficulties’
  • ‘Hydration and Nutrition: Including Special Diets’ 

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain the following knowledge and understanding of:

  • Dysphagia, its anatomy and physiology
  • Normal feeding and swallowing
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders in the aged
  • Dysphagia intervention and complications
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy diet
  • IDDSI - Framework
  • IDDSI – Drink and Food Testing Methods

Who is this course appropriate for:

All management, administrative, clinical, personal care and catering staff engaged in the Aged and Disability Care sectors.

Continuing Professional Development Hours:

Up to 3 hours

Special offer for organisations & care providers ONLY: We offer practical workshops training in “food and drink testing” or “production of texture modified food and drinks”. For more information or enquiries, please click here.

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