Aged Care Volunteer Training Program

by Altura Learning
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Course Description:

Volunteers play an essential role in supporting older Australians who are receiving aged care services to live a meaningful life. This training provides an overview of the aged care sector and the necessary knowledge required to undertake the role of an aged care volunteer. 

This training program consists of 12 modules:

Preparedness for Working in Aged Care

  • Introduction and Overview of Aged Care 
  • PPE & Hand Hygiene
  • Abuse, Unexplained Absences & SIRS
  • Health & Safety: Risk Management
  • Managing Workplace Pressure

Role Preparedness

  • Understanding the Ageing Process
  • Dignity & Personalised Care 
  • Communicating: Supporting Individuals
  • Dementia: An Introduction
  • Dementia: Understanding Changes in Behaviours
  • Falls: Balancing Risk 
  • Supporting People to Move

Who is this course appropriate for:

This course is appropriate for all volunteers preparing to work in aged care.

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